About Us


Fapmasters was created in November of 2014 to meet a demand for a easy to navigate amateur picture site that will not use shady misdirection tactics to grow traffic. Other websites misdirect you by disguising links to partners as content, in return these sites send them traffic in the same way. Fapmasters thinks this is a very annoying tactic and promises to never misdirect you. We will always send you to the picture or gallery you click on and always clearly label sponsor ads or links for your convenience.


Fapmasters gathers content from a variety of sources found on the internet and assumed to be of public domain. If you find you are being featured in content posted on our website without your permission or if you are the owner of the content, contact us by email and we will remove it.


For removal of content you must provide the following information in your email:

  • The URL address of the post
  • proof of ownership for said content or proof that It is in fact you in the content ( Adding a selfie to the Email works perfect as proof)

Any removal request will be fulfilled as soon as possible providing the above information has been received and is valid.